Friday, December 16, 2011

This weekend, I hope to finish this next to last draft of my new space opera -- title to be revealed later. This will be the last draft I print out, and I will proof and edit, and then go back to the keyboard for a final polish. That should take another week. So God willing, I hope to send the novel out sometime next weekend or so, and then pray very hard that the publisher/editor likes it and will buy it. I need validation. Sometimes we all do. I've worked hard on this one. It was a challenge, and a rewarding one. I had fun writing it, too. It makes me want to write one or two more space operas, and sword and planet tales, too. And then, there's a horror novel and a sword and sorcery pirate novel -- both of which I hope to co-author with novelist David C. Smith. ( And I hope there will be more tales of Dorgo the Dowser to tell!!!!! Peace and Love, brothers and sisters!