Saturday, April 21, 2012


In PEKRA, Tom Doolan has moved past pure action to deal more with character. A worthy successor to the wonderful BlackSkull's Captive, this tales edges past it and takes the lead. Now Tom has given us a glimpse of daily Orc life, family life, tribal ritual. This is what I always enjoy about a tale: the back story, the heritage, the "family thing." Being of Sicilian and Irish descent, I grew up surrounded by family customs and traditions, stories of how it was "in the old days, in the old country," and even quite a few tall tales. And I never grew tired of hearing stories about my parents and their siblings, when they were kids. This is the stuff in fiction I relish, what makes the story become real, that brings the characters to life, giving them emotional and spiritual depth. This is what makes it all work. For more often than not, it's what characters say and how they relate with other one another, that make brings them to life. Tom has started down this road in this story of Pekra and Gortek, the Orc male she desires, and I applaud him for it. In PEKRA, we learn about the courtship, marriage and mating customs among Orc tribes. Very interesting and very original. While there is plenty of action in the story, Tom has gone deeper: there is heart and humor and emotional. His Orcs have become real people. Tom is a writer on the move. Bravo and cheers for PEKRA! (I hope I get invited to the wedding!)

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