Thursday, May 30, 2013


INFERNAL INK is a wild, hard-core, and highly imaginative ADULT Magazine, filled with stories and poetry and articles in the genre of "horror-erotica." The poems and stories to be found in these pages are NOT for the weak of stomach, the overly-sensitive, or those who are easily offended. This is some heavy-metal stuff here, most definitely NOT for the faint of heart.

In the issue I just read, there are a number of stand-out writers. Stories by Adam Bolivar, James L. Jones, Derek Muk, Shaun Avery, and others. My favorite stories out of a collection of great tales are Bolivar's "The Lady of Dumah" -- a little necrophilia with a vampiric twist, very elegantly written. The other is "They Were Not So Nice," by James L. Jones -- a one-two punch about kidnapping, abduction, and cannibalism.

I'm not a poetry kind of guy, but I did enjoy many of the poems in this edition, especially "Heart," by Erin Goodenough. Other poems by fine writers like Robert Leuthold, Vicy Cross, and W.C. Morrow, to name a few, help round out this splendid edition. There's also a great interview with Terry D. Scheerer, of Horrotica Magazine. The editor/publisher of Infernal Ink, Hydra M. Star does an excellent job of collecting talent and putting out one ass-kicking publication, and she deserves kudos -- raised fist and Devil Horns -- for the quailty of the magazine and the excellence of her contributors.
Great illustrations by David Lipscomb.

Check it out, and get ready to have your world rocked! 

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