Sunday, June 9, 2013


THE GEORGE BAILEY PRINCIPLE: We are all here for a reason. We are all connected. Each life we enounter touches that life in some way, may even have a profound effect on that life, that we may never know of. George got his chance to see what a world his would have become, had he not been born. Have you?
Recently, finally, in the last few years, and especially now, I am coming to this point in George's life.
Do you know, have you seen how the lives of your friends and families would be so different, had you not been born or had not be there for them? I have. Now, do you understand, do you know the reasons why certain friendships or romances have ended or are coming to an end, even after decades? I do. Do you know, do you understand the reasons why you have become involved ... in new friendships or romances? At times, I do. And finally, do you know, do you understand the reasons why you have been reunited with old friends and even old loves, and how you coming back into their lives may have helped or changed their own lives in any way? I am beginning to see the impact I have and have had. This is all part of the GEORGE BAILEY PRINCIPLE.