Saturday, June 13, 2015

HEROES IN HELL: Poets and Doctors, Doing What They Do Best.....

Have you ever been curious about what an eternity in Hell might be like for Doctor Victor Frankenstein and Adam, his famous Monster?  Did you ever wonder what Mary Shelley would do if she came face-to-face with her most infamous literary creations?  What about all the unpublished poets and authors throughout history who sold their souls in vain for fame, fortune and literary immortality -- what happened to them in Hell?  And then there's the eternal rage of Lemuel Gulliver, whom Jonathan Swift denounced as merely of fictional character born in his own imagination . . . what do you think Gulliver will do when he discovers that he has a terrible, vampire-like power that even Satan himself might fear?   You can find all this out, and so much more, in my story, "We The Furious," as featured in POETS IN HELL, from the highly-acclaimed Heroes in Hell series.

POETS IN HELL -- they write with their own blood and always go for the throat.


Hell . . . it's bad enough, what with all the devils, demons, and imps tormenting the Damned. Sex is so painful that it even made the Marquis de Sade weep and wail in horror. Food can taste like anything from ashes to manure . . . and worse. Fear, madness, torture, agony . . . all part of Hell. And let's not forget the fact that the Damned have to WORK! Yep, just like life on earth, in Hell you have to earn your keep, for eternity, without breaks, holidays or vacations. But now Heaven has decreed that Satan is far too lenient, and so Erra, the Babylonian god of plagues and pestilence, has been sent to stir the pit by adding his own little brand of mayhem, maleficence, and malefic maladies to the mix. Damned souls wail as plagues wreak havoc, doctors up their fees, snake-oil salesmen make a killing, and Satan turns his hitman loose. What's a lost soul to do?

And so, high atop the Golem Heights in New Hell City, locked away in his laboratory in Goblin Manor, Doctor Victor Frankenstein, his brain now locked inside the skull of his famous monster, works feverishly to find a cure for the plagues ravaging Hell. With his trusty hunchback assistant, Quasimodo, the mad doctor develops a vaccine to combat these plagues . . . but with disastrous and diabolical side effects.

Meanwhile, Galatea, created by the hand of Pygmalion, accompanied by Frankenstein's Monster, whose brain is now locked inside the skull of the infamous doctor, brave the streets of New Hell in order to meet with a panel of experts they hope will determine, once and for all eternity, whether or not they have souls. That verdict, that decision, will determine if they can get out of "Hell On A Technicality," which just happens to be the title of my story in DOCTORS IN HELL, where the doctor is always wrong, sinners never win, misery runs amok, and all Hell's damned get just what they deserve.  DOCTORS IN HELL: don't tell them where it hurts, they won't care. They have their own problems.


So come with me and a most devilishly clever and talented crew of Hellions -- the damnedest writers in perdition -- who have been gathered together by creator, editor and author Janet Morris to guide you on a journey through all the pits, circles and levels of Hell.

This is Heroes in Hell. Check your soul at the door buy make sure you come heavily armed. This is not like anything you've ever imagined.

PS -- BYO pitchfork.

"Heroes in Hell," the anthologies include Lawyers in Hell, Rogues in Hell, Dreamers in Hell, Poets in Hell, Doctors in Hell, and the novels Bridge over Hell, by Michael A. Armstrong, and coming soon, Hell Bound, by Andrew Paul Weston. All published by Perseid Press. Available worldwide in paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions.