Monday, January 2, 2012

The Unchained Girls

I want to tell you about a group of gals based out of Portland, Oregon---which is a wonderful place, one of the most hip scenes for indie horror, as well as artists of all "genres." Let me introduce you to THE UNCHAINED GIRLS.

The Unchained Girls are a group of actresses and models who, along with photographers and other artists, do a lot of theatrical productions and promotions. They can be a bit risque, but that's part of the fun, part of their charm. They're very much involed in the horror film scene in Portland. (Check out Screamvina and Screamvina Ghoul on Facebook and YouTube.)  These young ladies are highly-educated, very sharp and witty women who have been supportive of me, and are as sweet and kind as they are gorgeous. A lot of what they do is in the great old tradition of grand guignol. They perform sex farces, one-act horror plays, and are involved in the local theater scene of Portland. They're also keeping alive the grand tradition of burlesque -- with maybe a touch of vaudeville, if I may add my own 2-cents worth.

From what I understand, they've done benefits for many worthy causes, too. Besides all this, the Unchained Girls do promotions for local theater, plays and playwrights. They support and promote operas, bands, photographers, haunted houses, local films, and artists in just about every field imaginable.

 Another tradtion they keep alive is the 1950s style pin-up: check out their 2012 Unchained Girls Calender, which can be purchased from Cafe Press. Just go on Facebook, look up Unchained Girls, or any of the great gals: Dino Unchained, Screamvina, Screamvina Ghoul, Shadoe Unchained (sort of the founding father), Candy Renegade Lane, Lu Unchained, Betty Unchained, Lilith Unchained, Natasha Unchained, Mari Lyn, Dirty Dahlia, and all the wonderful gals who are part of this fun, sexy, delightfully outrageous, and unique organization. (I'm hoping they'll open a Mid-west chapter, right here in Chicago, so I can be a part of this great team, helping other artists, and having fun doing it, too!)  Many of the gals have Links to various websites, including their own. And they're always posting photos and announcements on FB. I've made at least 20 new FB Friends since I "got involved" with them: Dino Unchained was my very first Unchained Girl Friend on Facebook.

So do yourself a favor, give yourself a treat -- check out Unchained Girls on Facebook. And ladies . . . if you're into horror, modeling, theater, make-up, photography, music, and any type of performance art . . . don't be shy. I think you'll like 'em. LIKE 'em on Facebook, too. Thanks everyone!

Don't forget: you can purchase your 2012 Unchained Girls Calender directly from