Monday, April 22, 2013

Great review of WATERS OF DARKNESS

Customer Review

4.0 out of 5 stars A Swashbuckling Fever-Dream of Hell and High Water, April 22, 2013
This review is from: Waters of Darkness (Paperback)
Veteran fantasy storytellers David C. Smith (ORON, RED SONJA) and Joe Bonadonna (MAD SHADOWS, THREE AGAINST THE STARS) have crafted here a powerful juggernaut of a tale of rough-and-tumble, rum-swigging 17th-century pirates who boldly cross currents with---and lash out with steel and musket and cannon against---both bloodthirsty, sadistic human foes and demonic forces of Ancient Evil.

Bloody Red Buchanan and Crimson Kate O'Toole are feared, competitive buccaneers, loyal allies---and deeply passionate lovers. With their wild and doughty shipmates they set sail on a fierce crusade of vengeance against dark powers that terrorize and enslave denizens of the haunted African coast. Some of whom are Kate and Buchanan's friends. And that, in their code of fealty, is enough to spark a war on Hell.

Action abounds in WATERS OF DARKNESS, and tension mounts like whispers at your shoulder. The story's twists are unpredictable. Pacing is wonderful, and there's some damn fine writing to revel in, here, in what seems packaged as a genre potboiler. Don't be fooled into selling this work short: these gentlemen know their craft.

As Buchanan, Kate, and their memorable mates---their hearties and "uglies"---tack through bloody waters infested with hellish creatures out of nightmare, the novel teems with authentic seafaring action and impressive battles in tempestuous seas. Yet these are merely the prelude to unexpected turns. Turns into forbidden inland tributaries leading to ancient horrors; to thrilling encounters that evoke primal dread (with a wisp of the nostalgic) in iconic worlds redolent of both KING KONG and HEART OF DARKNESS.

Heady stuff, for a pirate adventure. So toss back a mug or two, if you think it'll steady your nerves enough, and sign on for this heart-pounding voyage. You'll come back with treasure to share with other readers (and maybe a fresh scar or two you'll proudly display). But don't expect to be cut loose in calmer waters: You'll be lookin' to sign on for another tour with these salty yarn-spinners, I'd warrant...

Dive into WATERS OF DARKNESS. Immerse yourself. You'll emerge with a little more respect for the life of a pirate, methinks. Oh...and if you happen to draw the watch atop the crow's nest...beware the---