Sunday, May 8, 2016

BROKEN HALO, by Rheanon Nicole: My Review

This is a novel that should be read by anyone who loves the paranormal and a good, supernatural romance. A daring novel for its themes and structure, this book has it all: ghosts, a Gypsy curse, a werewolf, a vampire, Angel/Human interaction, Unseen Visitors in the night, voices from Beyond, tragedy and heartache, and a strong heroine in the story’s main character, Adelay. A solid story, engaging and well-written, with a solid cast of supporting characters. It has a truth and beauty all its own. There is also a power and complexity in this highly intelligent story that I found totally captivating. This novel was carefully crafted and well plotted. Author Rheanon Nicole does a splendid job of creating a world of shadows, a world that will welcome you with open arms and spin you around. And I must make mention of the striking black and white cover designed by Dan Feldmeier, who confirms what I’ve always believed: a well-done cover in black and white can be a stand-out on any bookshelf.