Friday, May 22, 2020

Dead Earth

"Another day in paradise."
"Today, and everyday."
I liked DEAD EARTH a lot. I like zombies. What can I say? I've liked zombies - traditional Haitian variety as well as the Living and Walking Dead breed. So cut me some slack, okay? Yeah, two attractive young ladies are the main characters in "Dead Earth" - and basically the only characters. Two women trying to keep their flesh intact; a brief backstory shows how this all came to be. They're no superheroes, but they can hold their own. Very likable and watchable. The setting is idyllic, at first, but then . . . well, you know them f**king zombies, lol! Nice combo of old- and new-school zombies all rolled into one. Very nasty lot, too. Really rabid, like the vampires in 30 Days of Night. Oh, yeah - they can't swim. Nice touch. Very closed-universe, with a soundtrack that plays like an homage to the soundtrack for the original Day of the Dead. Although somewhat slow-paced at first, it sucked me into the story and the world of these two women who are just trying to survive in a world of the dead. Different, somewhat unique. It does its own thing. A very polished and well made film. Not a masterpiece, no startling revelations hee; it adheres to the genre. Some nice set pieces, and the actions often bursts into the open unexpectedly. Well worth the $1.80 it cost to rent from Redbox.
Dead Earth Trailer

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