Saturday, January 28, 2012

THE IMMORTAL SERIES, by Valjeanne Jeffers   

So, how do you like your science fiction?  Because if you like it mixed with a little bit of fantasy, a touch of mythology, a fair share of horror, a dash of alternate realities, all stirred together with shape shifters, magic-wielders, and demons---and then sprinkled with some 1960s seasoning---then this series will satisfy your appetite. And Valjeanne Jeffers makes it all work. Why and how, you ask? Because Valjeanne's prose conjures up powerful visions and images. (She's quite a wonderful poet, and her gift for imagery comes through in these novels.) She's a masterful storyteller with a talent for creating intricate and interesting plots, unexpected twists and turns, and memorable characters that makes me envious! Her characters live and breathe because they have real emotions, complex relationships, and are as flawed and heroic, as hateful and deceitful as people in real life. This is one of the most original and unique series I've ever come across. You won't find anything to match it on any book shelves in any book store anywhere.For more about Valjeanne Jeffers and her work, visit her at: