Thursday, July 9, 2015


I'm very proud to have proofed and edited BEING MAX'S MOM, and I learned so much during the process. And I am happy and honored to do my part to help spread Autism Awareness. This is a true story of love, courage and perseverance, of victories and defeats, and personal triumph over insurmountable odds. This story gives hope for all parents who have kids on the Autism Spectrum. It's the story of a Warrior Mom and her autistic son whom she calls, "a good egg." She is, and he is. Proceeds go to the Blue Ribbon Arts Initiative. BEING MAX'S MOM, by Rebecca Miller, whose son Max wrote "Hello, My Name is Max and I Have Autism," is their story: it's about her childhood, Max's birth, his being diagnosed with autism at age 4, and what she went through searching for answers, finding schools, and the proper treatment for her son. It's the story of her struggles to do the best and secure the best for Max, of being a single, working mother raising an autistic child, of the battles she fought and lost, and the victories she won. You will get to know Max and Rebecca very well after reading BEING MAX'S MOM, and you will learn things you may never have known before. You will laugh at their conversations, and Max's incredible insight and the way he looks at the world will open your eyes. But you will also be brought to tears by this very emotional story about two people I am proud to call my friends, and my heroes. When you read this book, you will see a very personal and private side of autism and the lives of two very special people. Thank you!