Thursday, July 9, 2015


LIBERTINE AWAKENINGS -- a highly-charged erotic novel with graphic scenes of same-sex, BDSM, and everything else in between. But at it's core lies a serious drama of human hearts and sexuality. This is the story of love and desire, passion, surrender and submission . . . and the gradual awakening that with submission brings power, and with power comes conquest . . . not only the conquest of others, but of oneself, too. This is the story of Alexis Downing, a compassionate yet timid and lonely young woman with a troubled past and a confused present. Her sexual journey, filled with insight and understanding, takes her from a rediscovery of her past, to self-realization and empowerment.
LIBERTINE AWAKENINGS, by Cat Ravenelle, winner of both iUniverse's "Rising Star" and "Editor's Choice" awards. I'm proud to have helped in the proofreading of this novel.